GDPR and Privacy Policy

Wilde takes privacy seriously, and as such remains committed to being in compliance with the GDPR, which took affect on May 25th, 2018. We strongly advise that you do NOT use this system for the storage of critical, sensitive information!

What data do we collect from you?
We collect your email address during signup, as well as IPs you log into the system from, in accordance with technical requirements. We also store whatever data you create or maintain in your home directory on Wilde.

How long do we retain data about you?
Your email address is retained only long enough to process you account creation request. The IPs you access Wilde from are retained for a maximum of 30 days.

How can I request a copy of my data?
You can contact us through this site or through IRC chat. We will provide you a copy of your data within 14 days.

How can I request removal of my information?
You can contact us through the same means as above, though this will also include complete removal of your account, as well as all data sotred under it. We will remove all personal data upon your request, within 14 days. If you request deletion of your account, all of your data will be purged within 14 days from our system.

How do you protect my data?
Securing such an outdated system is a difficult task. All communications via SSH, SFTP and SCP is encrypted, as is the nature of SSH technology. However, we do not have encryption for Remote Desktop or HTTPS; once again, we highly recommend that you AVOID storing any highly sensitive information on Wilde. None of the data stored by users on this system's drive is encrypted. However, we're currently working towards greater security and this work is ongoing. Logs are maintained only for as long as is technically required (30 days, for troubleshooting of issues). User-created data is protected by the permissions model provided by Windows Server 2012, as well as the honour system. However, by default, user-created data is viewable by all other users of the system, as per the operating system's design.

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