Terms of Service

Wilde relies on the common courtesy and consideration of users to make its services fair for everyone. The following offences will result in a service ban:

  1. Deliberately defacing the accounts of other users
  2. Deliberately trying to disrupt Wilde's server, or any of its services
  3. Using Wilde as a launch pad for disrupting other servers
  4. Using Wilde to impersonate other websites and businesses for criminal purposes
  5. Accessing/storing/distributing pornography of any genre and medium (especially child pornography)
  6. Producing/distributing content that defames any individual
  7. Producing/accessing/storing/distributing content that promote racial, ethnic, religious, political and other forms of hate/bigotry
  8. Producing/accessing/storing/distributing pirated software, illegally-generated license keys, license/registration circumvention programs, or any questionable programs/scripts that can risk damaging any system
  9. Mining cryptocurrencies
  10. Spamming on any IRC channels, bulletin board system or forum linked to Wilde or the tildeverse
  11. Leaking or publishing any user's or individual's personal information without that person's consent

Be aware that some of the above offenses can result in legal action, depending on the severity of the offense and who may have been affected. Wilde may conduct investigations on any suspected violations and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies, if and when the need arises.

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